27/05/2020, 4:00 pm,

Moon Machine, Landing at Montez Press Radio

, Montez Press Radio

Moon Machine, Landing


Departing from the works of blind composer, poet and performance artist Moondog (1916–1999), Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger have created an interventionist music machine—a project on the fringes of music, theatre and visual art. The Moon Machine is a mobile sound system of weird beauty—a bricolage consisting of pneumatic instruments, organ pipes, handmade drums and mechatronic sound automats—that has been travelling through town before landing in the exhibition space of Kunsthalle Münster. During the exhibition’s closing due to the corona pandemy, the machine stood waiting, slowly expanding across walls and ceiling, sometimes singing its tunes into the empty hall and thereby creating a magic of its own. The artists stood by, listening and holding their breaths, an experience which made them realize that radio is the perfect medium for a virtual exploration of the machine. Thanks to the musical atmosphere of the art space, combined with newly written song homages to Moondog and excerpts of endless associative conversations among those involved, the radio Show at Montez Press Radio is a friendly invitation for an acoustic stroll.

In the context of the exhibition

Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger: Moon Machine, Landing

, Kunsthalle Münster → Exhibition
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