23/02/2020, 2:00 pm,

Guided Tour through the Exhibition Moon Machine, Landing. For People With and Without Visual Impairment

, Kunsthalle Münster

Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger: Moon Machine, Landing. Installation view Kunsthalle Münster 2020


Anne Büssgen offers a guided tour through the exhibition Moon Machine, Landing. Based on the works of the exceptional musician Moondog (1916–1999), the composers Thies Mynther and the theater maker Veit Sprenger created an interventionist music machine in collaboration with the visual artist Tobias Euler. The Moon Machine is a mobile music island, a bricolage with pneumatic instruments and mechatronic sound automatons, parasols, signal horns and acoustic collision warning devices, which are played by the two performers Mynther and Sprenger. The acoustic Installation was first put into operation by the artists in 2019 at the international festival Flurstücke 019 in Münster. As part of the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Münster, the trio consisting of Euler, Mynther and Sprenger is continuing the interdisciplinary project that moves at the interface of music, theater and visual art. The Kunsthalle turns into a stage, the exhibition into a synaesthetic spectacle.

Complementing the exhibition Moon Machine, the Kunsthalle Münster presents different documents from the estate of Louis Thomas Hardin (aka. Moondog) and from various archives – with a special focus on his time in Germany, where he lived since 1974. The musical installation and archive material enable a unique encounter with Moondog's work.

In the context of the exhibition

Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger: Moon Machine, Landing

, Kunsthalle Münster → Exhibition
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