21/06/2020, 6:30 pm,

Moon Machine, Landing. Concert by Thies Mynther + Veit Sprenger

, Kunsthalle Münster

Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger: Moon Machine, Landing. Installation view Kunsthalle Münster 2020


Departing from Moondog’s works, the composer Thies Mynther and theatre maker Veit Sprenger in collaboration with the visual artist Tobias Euler have created the Moon Machine—an interventionist music machine consisting of pneumatic instruments and mechatronic sound automats, sun shades, bugles and acoustic collision warning devices. At the end of the exhibition Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger will play the Moon Machine for a last time in the rooms of the Kunsthalle Münster. Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger will explore the world of Moondog. In addition to compositions by the deceased musician that have never yet been played, the musical score comprises some of their own pieces.

Due to the current situation, we have to limit the number of visitors, so please register: kunsthalle@stadt-muenster.de

In the context of the exhibition

Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger: Moon Machine, Landing

, Kunsthalle Münster → Exhibition
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