15/01/2019, 6:00 pm,

Lecture by Dr. Mithu M. Sanyal

, Kunstakademie Münster

Dr. Mithu M. Sanyal


Mithu Sanyal is a journalist, author and cultural scientist. She writes among others for taz, SPEX, Missy Magazine, VICE and Huffington Post an works as author for features and radio plays (WDR, Deutschlandfunk) and as lecturer for questions of gender at several universities. In her book Die Enthüllung des unsichtbaren Geschlechts (2009) addresses the cultural history of the female sex organ. In her latest book Vergewaltigung (2016), she deals with the victim-perpetrator relationship as well as with our ideas of sexuality and gender and how they determine the rape talk. Sanyal is a strong feminist voice in print and digital media.

In the context of the exhibition

Mary Beth Edelson: Nobody Messes with Her

, Kunsthalle Münster → Exhibition
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