04/07/2021, 3:00 pm,

Sensing Scale. Guided tour with Merle Radtke and Franca Zitta

, Kunsthalle Münster

Emma Charles, Fragments on Machines (Still), 2013, HD Video, 17 Min.


Our world is played out on the planetary scale: it is marked by decentralized infrastructures and production sites, globe-spanning logistical flows as well as a collective technological conditionality, complex data material and all-embracing communications networks. How can the processes taking place within such highly branched structures be described and queried? Sensing Scale addresses the question of how networks, data traffic and technocratic mega-structures operating on a planetary scale inscribe themselves into our world, how they influence our lives, our thinking, our acts, our visual culture and also our perception. It is such intricately wired and interconnected systems that the artists of the exhibition examine in their works.

In the guided tour Merle Radtke and Franca Zitta will give insights into the works of Tekla Aslanishvili, Pedro Barateiro, Emma Charles, Geocinema (Asia Bazdyrieva and Solveig Suess), Bahar Noorizadeh and Wolfgang Tillmans, which are on show in the exhibition.

The guided tour takes place in German.

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