04/07/2021, 12:00 pm,

Endlich erwachsen! 30 Jahre Kunsthalle Münster

, Speicher 2

The Kunsthalle Münster has presented national and international contemporary art since its opening in 1991. The institution focusses on current trends and socially relevant themes in alternating exhibi-tions. It regards itself as a production centre and laboratory. Solo and group exhibitions reflect the world of art on the local, national and international level. The Kunsthalle Münster is a place for experiencing art sensually, but also for engaging in an exchange of ideas and theoretical reflexion. A diversified programme of talks, lectures, guided tours, film screenings, symposia and performances supplements the exhibitions. The Kunsthalle thus promotes and inspires an intensive and controver-sial debate on contemporary art and topical issues of social interest.

On the grounds of the Hawerkamp, the municipal exhibition hall opened its gates on 19 September 1991 under the direction of Dr. Gail B. Kirkpatrick. In 2004 the Kunsthalle moved into its present space on the top floor of Speicher II, a historical industrial building in Münster’s city harbour. Moving to the port area went hand in hand with renaming the exhibition hall from Städtische Ausstellungshalle Am Hawerkamp to AZKMAusstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst Münster. In 2012 the AZKM was once more renamed to become Kunsthalle Münster. Aside from the Kunsthalle, the Galerie Mike Karstens and more than thirty partially funded studios for visual artists made available by the Office for Cultural Affairs of the City of Münster are located in the former warehouse. The special architectural features along with traces of industrial usage lend a distinctive character to the ensemble and have frequently inspired artists to new works. A workshop and the studio 4.1. are available to the artists exhibiting in the Kunsthalle. Having a place to work allows them to become directly involved with the space and its surroundings.

During the roundtable, Cornelia Wilkens (Head of the Department of Culture of the City of Münster), Bernadette Spinnen (Head of Münster Marketing) and Dr. Gail Kirkpatrick (former Director of Kunsthalle Münster) will take a look at the past, present and future of Kunsthalle Münster. The talk is moderated by Merle Radtke (Director Kunsthalle Münster).

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