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Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12 – 6 pm

On this page we have compiled current media-relevant information and press documents on the exhibitions of the Kunsthalle Münster and the location itself. You will also find press material on the public collection of the city of Münster. Information on past exhibitions and projects is available in the archive. Should you have any questions, request an interview or require additional material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All images available for download are protected by copywrite and may only be used for current reports on each specific exhibition.

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Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster

35 MB ↓ ZIP (35.3 MB)

Robin Bolt, Frame, 2020, Metall, Gitter und Plastik, 170 cm x 200 cm x 70 cm. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (1.0 MB)

Petra Bresser, sexy, 2021, Film Still, HD Projektion, 39,12 Min. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (0.9 MB)

Tuğba Durukan, Ungefähr, schwarze Acrylfarbe, grauer Permanentmarker, 244 x 253 cm. Courtesy the artist, Foto: Masako Kato ↓ JPG (1.6 MB)

Charlotte Hilbolt, untitled (20200722), 2020, 180 x 155 cm, Öl auf Leinwand. Courtesy the artist, Foto: Holger Krischke ↓ JPG (2.4 MB)

Kerstin Hochhaus, Getting Ready, 2020, Film Still, 6:10 min, 9:16, Farbe, Ton, Loop. Courtesy the artist, Foto: Kerstin Hochhaus ↓ PNG (1.0 MB)

Maho Khutsishvili, Schein 2021, Installation, 2021. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (0.1 MB)

Johanna Knoblauch, Tod im Eismeer aus dem Zyklus Totentanz, 2021, Digitaldruck, 84,1 x 59,4 cm. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (2.4 MB)

Peter Lepp, Bad, Fotografie (Tintenstrahldruck auf Papier), 30 x 20cm, 2017. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (4.6 MB)

Aduni Ogunsan, Sonntag, 2020, Acryl auf Leinwand, 120 x 90 cm, 2020. Courtesy the artist ↓ PNG (2.6 MB)

Nette Pieters, Coronarock, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, Bluebackpapier, Kleister, 145 x 200cm. Courtesy the artist, Foto: Nette Pieters ↓ JPEG (1.9 MB)

Meike Schulze Hobeling, how to pile up dark dust inside out, 2020, Keramik, Folie, Panzertape, 30 x 15 cm. Courtesy the artist ↓ PNG (4.3 MB)

Mila Stoytcheva, Tankstellen, 2020, Film Still/Foto. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (0.6 MB)

Yasin Wörheide, Quell, 2020, Styropor, Bauschaum, Lack, 210 x 210 x 300 cm. Courtesy the artist ↓ JPG (10.9 MB)

None ↓ JPG (0.3 MB)

Residence NRW⁺ 2020/2021

5 MB ↓ ZIP (4.7 MB)

Sarah Buckner, Die Nacht im Eimer, 2020, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm. Courtesy the artist, Johannes Ben-zulla. Photo: Johannes Benzulla ↓ JPG (0.1 MB)

Hanns Lennart Wiesner: μια κυκλική προοπτική #2 (uma perspectiva circular #2). Aerial image of the exhibition design with performer, Athens 2017. Courtesy Hanns Lennart Wiesner. Photo: Alexander Ja-schik. ↓ JPEG (1.6 MB)

Sami Schlichting, Phosphor, 2019, unburnt ceramics, hay, wire, 12 x 24 x 22 cm. Courtesy the artist, Lucas Hirsch Galerie. Photo: Lucas Hirsch Galerie ↓ JPG (1.0 MB)

Pablo Schlumberger, Er schon wieder, 2010, oil and wax on wood, 40 x 60 cm. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Sophie Allerding ↓ JPG (1.3 MB)

Jasmin Werner, Ambivalent Escalator (Sanssouci), 2018, angled conveyor belt, steel, sheet metal, stained wood, 190 × 125 × 148 cm. Installation view Kunstverein Braunschweig 2018. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Stefan Stark ↓ JPEG (0.7 MB)

Julie Robiolle: We usedta leave deluxe issues of love potions/*, Workshop led by Charles Hertz, Douna and Théo Pesso, in the framework of Playground 2: We usedta leave deluxe issues of love potions/*, Genf 2019 * even tho yr sampler broke down on you by Ntozake Shange. Photo: Yoanne Rey ↓ JPEG (0.2 MB)

Marie Sophie Beckmann: Anni Puolakka, bb, 12. Juni 2019. Excerpt from performance Suckling Animal Sibling, When the hunger starts – Project Space Festival Berlin 2019. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Billie Sarah Clarken, When the hunger starts – Project Space Festival Berlin 2019 ↓ JPEG (0.2 MB)