Kalte Hütte

, 2022

The publication Kalte Hütte by Magdalena Los is published on the occasion of her solo exhibition Heiße Hütte at MUHRY.
Guest of Residence NRW⁺

Magdalena Los' artistic practice is based on a conceptual, mostly pictorial or painterly approach. Los' digitally collaged imaginary spaces combine pictorial reference systems and are restless amalgams of a series of discursive, material or temporary references - that is, in Los's artistic practice the works constantly permeate each other. Alternately surreal, comiclike, or naturalistic, the motifs are sketchily layered and constantly revolve around the relationship between work, time, and value, with humor and seriousness always in balance. The recurring questions "What do I want?" and "What can I do?" illuminate the specific realm between desire and powerlessness, addressing visibility, selection processes, and the contextualization of art.

Feel free to contact us at kunsthalle@stadt-muenster.de to receive a printed copy.