, seit/since 2018

Since 2018 booklets have been published to accompany the exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Münster and are available to visitors free of charge. In addition to introductions, these booklets contain further texts accompanying the exhibition. In dialogue with the artists, authors from various professions are invited to write guest contributions. Departing from the artists’ works, they offer expanded perspectives on their oeuvre. Connections to literature, polyphony in the context of (post-)colonial history and theatricality as a part of self-representation were among the aspects taken up in the past. For Christiane Blattmann. Un-Break My Walls , for example, it was Chloe Stead (art critic and writer, Berlin) who wrote a text. Clément Dirié (art historian, curator and art critic, Paris) was invited to contribute to Katia Kameli: She Rekindled the Vividness of the Past. Complementing the introductory text for the booklet on Moon Machine, Landing, in turn, was an interview with Tobias Euler, Thies Myther and Veit Sprenger, whose joint project was shown at the Kunsthalle. In the context of the exhibition Daniel Steegmann Mangrané: Dog Eye, Juliana Fausto (philosophy postdoctoral fellow at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil) wrote a text that appeared in German for the first time. In it she discusses in a poetical manner Steegmann Mangrané’s film Fog Dog under the aspect of the ghostly. Daniel Vorthuys (artist and poet, Amsterdam) broadened the exhibition Charlott Weise. Tinted Glass through his literary contribution, which later became the basis for a performance taking place in the course of the exhibition.

Should you be interested in the booklets, you can find them in our Archive in digital form. Or feel free to contact us at to receive a printed copy.