30/03/2023, 7:00 pm,

Text-Music-Performance: Recess (Die Pause) with Shane Anderson, Hedvig Mollestad and a DJ-set by Jan Kampshoff

, Speicher 2

We will hike through a biography as well as through the artist studio building Speicher II: the writer Shane Anderson will take us along through the thoughts of a dead person. Accompanied by the music of Hedvig Mollestad, we will listen to the text together. How do our errors, our regrets and our past relationships haunt us?
Following the performance there will be snacks and a DJ-set by Jan Kampshoff (modulorbeat).

"Floating somewhere between the world and the one beyond, I could hear the doppler’s faint, inconstant beeping and another nurse unpacking the forceps, scissors, and clamps preparing to administer a C-section. I knew that pain from before, so I slipped back into my new body to ride the next wave of contractions. When I came out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, and I was almost violet. The doctor massaged my hands and feet, but I wasn’t breathing." (Shane Anderson)

Start: Atelier modulorbeat
Tickets: 10 € / 7 € reduced
English spoken language with written German translation

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