02/05/2023, 6:30 pm,

Commemoration of Paul Wulf and re-installation of münsters GESCHICHTE VON UNTEN by Silke Wagner

, Servatiiplatz

After 14 months, the sculpture münsters GESCHICHT VON UNTEN (münster's HISTORY FROM BELOW) by artist Silke Wagner returned to its place on Servatiiplatz in Münster on April 5. The three-and-a-half meter tall concrete sculpture, originally part of the skulptur projekte münster 07, was extensively restored during the construction work at Servatiiplatz. Silke Wagner's work – a hybrid of figurative sculpture and advertising pillar – depicts Paul Wulf (1921-1999). In 1938, at the age of 16, he had been forcibly sterilized under the Nazi’s programme of racial cleansing. In a fight for recognition of his case, he went through all possible judicial authorities. His statue is regularly placarded with materials from the UWZ archive.

After a greeting by Wendela-Beate Vilhjalmsson, there will be speeches by Merle Radtke (Kunsthalle Münster), Karolin Baumann (Villa ten Hompel), Dr. Bernd Drücke, Robert Krieg and Norbert Eilinghoff (all Paul Wulf Circle of Friends). The celebration will be musically accompanied by mujo & Fresh P as well as Pit Budde. In addition, the artist Silke Wagner will attend the event.

The event is organized by the Paul Wulf Circle of Friends, Villa ten Hompel and Kunsthalle Münster on the occasion of the sculpture's reinstallation and the 102nd birthday of Paul Wulf.

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Silke Wagner, münsters GESCHICHTE VON UNTEN, 2007, 51°57'37.1"N 7°38'02.0"E

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