11/12/2019 – 12/01/2020,

Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster

, Kunsthalle Münster


Hanna Schneider, Demotivation Camp #1, 2019, wood, aluminium


This year is the 36th time the advancement award exhibition of the Friends of the University of Fine Arts Münster is taking place, this time featuring works by altogether fourteen students: Tobias Doerr, Natalia Filatova, Julia Flaswinkel and Jana Weigelt-Harth, Marlena Gundlach, Daphne Klein, Valentino Magnolo, Irina Martyshkova, Maria Alejandra Medina Fuentes, Daniel Saul, Hanna Schneider, Lisa Tschorn, Peter Volkhardt, Lea Marie Wächter. The award exhibition is a special exhibition format that is not based on any specific theme-related concept. It is rather understood as a platform permitting students of the University of Fine Arts Münster to present their works to a broad public in the Kunsthalle’s showrooms. The artworks include paintings as well as sculptures, installations, photographs, performances and video works.

From the thirteen artistic positions being presented, the jury – consisting of Nikola Dietrich (director of Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne), Christian Katti (philosopher, Münster) and Mario Pfeifer (artist, Berlin) – will select three awardees.

A cooperation between Kunsthalle Münster and University of Fine Arts Münster

The programme of the Kunsthalle Münster ist supported by the Friends of the Kunsthalle Münster.