18/10/2023 – 12/11/2023,

Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster

, Kunsthalle Münster


Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster


For the 39th time, the Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster takes place, showing works from 13 classes: Salomé Berger, Marisa Ehmen, Lucia Ertel, Amelie Hirsch, Philip Jordan, Hansol Kang, Lim Kim, Katarina Kloppe, Leon-Maxim Lindner, Arezoo Molaei, Sophia Nefe, Jona Sliwka, Marvin Wunderlich.

The award exhibition is an exhibition format that does not follow any thematic guidelines. Rather, it can be seen as a platform that offers the students of the Kunstakademie Münster the opportunity to present their work to a broad public in the premises of the Kunsthalle. In accordance with the different subjects of the classes, works in the genres of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance will be shown in the exhibition.

Within the framework of this exhibition format, an expert jury consisting of Katrin Bentele (Director of the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf), Nico Anklam (Direktor der Museen der Stadt Recklinghausen und Leiter der Kunsthalle Recklinghausen) and Carolin Eidner (artist, lives and works in Düsseldorf) will award a total of three prizewinners: Lucia Ertel, Arezoo Molaei, Jona Sliwka.

A cooperation of the Kunsthalle Münster and the Kunstakademie Münster

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The programme of the Kunsthalle Münster ist supported by the Friends of the Kunsthalle Münster.