For Mondays. Kunsthalle Münster Podcast

For Mondays is a podcast by Kunsthalle Münster. Featured guests are artists, curators, theoreticians and authors who are connected to the Kunsthalle in a special way. On Mondays, the podcast provides insight into the Kunsthalle’s various fields of work, which in addition to the exhibition space in the old grain warehouse at Münster’s city harbour also involve the Residence NRW⁺ scholarship programme and the municipal collection of art in public space. The latter comprises works by Daniel Buren, Donald Judd, Rebecca Horn, Per Kirkeby, Claes Oldenburg, James Reineking, George Rickey and Silke Wagner, among others, including, since 2018, the installation Two Grey Double Mirrors for a Pendulum by Gerhard Richter. The work related to both the collection and the exhibitions at the Kunsthalle forms the basis of the podcast, inviting theoretical reflection and enabling listeners to engage intensively with contemporary art and the practice of each invited guest. Besides this, the podcast itself becomes a space for performance through the audio pieces created specifically for it.

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For Mondays #5, Silke Wagner + Merle Radtke: münsters GESCHICHTE VON UNTEN

For Mondays #4, Tekla Aslanishvili + Vera Tollmann: Scenes from Trial and Error

For Mondays #3, Adrian Williams: One Word

For Mondays #2, Michael Hagner + Merle Radtke: Gerhard Richter’s Installation Two Grey Double Mirrors for a Pendulum,

For Mondays #1, Gail Kirkpatrick + Merle Radtke: From Städtische Ausstellungshalle am Hawerkamp to Kunsthalle Münster